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Ode to NYC

I spent most of the Labor Day weekend in New York city,
going back to Long Island only to feed my face and rest my head!
The company was my cousin (long) lost and found.
Our reunion weekend was a blast
and we have all of 4 photographs to prove it!

Saturday 2 pm saw me leave Boston on Interstate route 95,
getting me into Long Island after 5 straight hours on the road.

We checked out NYC's nightlife on Saturday... went pub crawling,
sat in on a live jazz-funk performance in one of the hotspots.
It was more than worth all of the 8 bucks it cost us each!
Wrapped up the night with my first taste of Sushi, in the East Village.
Cloaked in rice and a roll, dipped in spicy sauce,
the raw(ish) fish was actually quite delectable!

Sunday saw us in Central Park, with another first for me being
the fact that I was on roller blades!
We maneuvered around, my arms flailing,
my butt saying hello to mother earth at close quarters a few times,
taking in the sights and sounds of Central Park.
Summertime is a great time to be in Central Park.

The evening took us traipsing around the West Village,
tempting food revealing itself from the myriad store fronts.
Succumb we did to Tiramisu (my favorite),
eclairs, cookies and gourmet pizza, in that order!

Next came the obligatory Times Square jaunt.
At night, more so than at other times,
it pounds on practically all of your senses at once.
The incredible proportions of the visuals have to be seen to properly fathom -
as absolute an image of crass commercialism as any.

Sunday night was relatively tame, we caught a movie on video,
on a TV atleast 51", if not more ... "In and Out" ... funny stuff.

And, of course! 
All through the weekend, a pampered-n-satiated feeling permeated,
superb home cooked food being the possible culprit :-)

Monday morning saw me reluctantly journey back to Boston,
with the one lingering thought in my mind -
New York, New York, the experiences you offered are unforgettable...
Fond memories of that weekend with cousin remain with this ode!

Copyright 1999-2003 Aamir Khwaja. All rights reserved.